For yourself, your team, your organisation, your family?

Not drop but consciously and deliberately put down.

This is a question for everyone but particularly leaders.

I have had conversations with people from a wide range of organisations over the last couple of weeks as the situation in Victoria has grown direr.

The feedback has been consistent: Many people are not ok. They are overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed and anxious – more so this time around than back in March.

We must support them. Our people and their wellbeing must come first.

Where and when we can, we need to take some pressure off.

Rather than telling your people to prioritise their overload of work, ask yourself – what tasks or projects don’t need to be done right now?

What can we put aside?

What can be taken off our plate until a time when we’re not in crisis or survival mode?

This time around, rather than trying to do it all, help your people put some of the balls down.

Look after your people and they will look after you.

❓What ball will you put down for the next six weeks?

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Leah Mether helps people get out of their own way with the development of soft skills (which are really hard). She is a speaker, trainer, facilitator and mentor.