Harmonie Smith is living her dream.

Earlier this year, the manager of Regal Jewellers in Moe branched out and started her own business – a Gippsland-based personal styling and image consultancy called Find Your Fabulous – Personal Styling with Harmonie.

Harmonie now works with women across the region to help them find their fabulous and feel amazing every time they get dressed.She does everything from wardrobe audits, to style consults and personal shopping trips.

Where possible she supports Gippsland boutiques by shopping locally to help people hit their wardrobe goals.

Harmonie was empowered to start her passion project after attending the Methmac Communications workshop, The Happiness Choice, in Warragul earlier this year.

She said the workshop helped her get clear on her values, purpose and goals, while also highlighting how short and precious life is.

“It gave me the push and the self-belief I needed to pursue what up until then had always been a ‘one-day’ dream,” Harmonie said.

“Leah’s workshop helped me realise I really will never have more time than now and life is not a practice run, so I may as well jump in and do what I really love.

“And love is definitely the right word. I absolutely love what I do to help women find their fabulous and the feedback from my clients so far has been overwhelming.”

The Happiness Choice will be back in 2018, along with other popular Methmac workshops including Remove the Roadblocks, Shut the Hell Up, and Effective Communications.

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For more information on Find Your Fabulous – Personal Styling with Harmonie, visit the Find Your Fabulous Facebook page, or email findyourfabulous@outlook.com.au.

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Harmonie Smith started her own personal styling and image consultancy, Find Your Fabulous, after attending the Methmac Communications workshop, The Happiness Choice.