Mindfulness and putting your own oxygen mask on first mean different things to different people.

For some people it’s meditation; for others it’s binge watching Suits on Netflix or having a long hot bath.

For me, it’s exercise.

Exercise is my time out to recharge. It gives me the energy, stress relief, mood boost, clear head and focus I need to perform at my best.

It keeps me mentally strong as well as physically and I’m a better mother, wife, business woman, volunteer and friend when I’m exercising regularly.

To my detriment, I haven’t been prioritising exercise as much as I should be this year.

Tonight I took two of my sons to a new family training session at Complete Health Personal Training By Bon & Josh. It reminded me why I need to make the time.

I could beat myself up and give you a million excuses about how I’ve been too busy with work and how my knees now restrict some of what I do, but all that does is self-sabotage.

Instead, I focus on how awesome I feel after tonight’s session, how wonderful it was to train with my boys, and how I feel the calmest I have in weeks.

Self love, not loathing is where the magic happens and always remember, motivation follows action, not the other way around.

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