Earlier this week I presented my Remove the Roadblocks workshop to a team of 30 staff in local government.

As part of the session, I shared my 20 top tips for removing roadblocks to personal and career success; things that have worked and continue to work for me.

These aren’t fluffy motivational statements with little meaning, they’re practical ideas and strategies I use every day to propel me forward to achieve my goals and dreams.

I share them wrapped in stories of my lived experience.

The very first tip is this: You must realise you are the biggest roadblock to your success.

Not situation, not circumstance, not other people: You.

It can be confronting to acknowledge.

That’s not to say those other things don’t play a part – of course they do – but if you’re brutally honest with yourself, the biggest roadblock is you.

The most powerful thing about acknowledging this and taking personal responsibility for your actions and behaviour, is you’ll realise that while you can hold yourself back and be your biggest roadblock, you also have the ability to get out of your own way.


**Remove the Roadblocks is running as a public workshop at Traralgon Business Centre from 9am-12:30pm on Wednesday 23 May.

Early bird tickets are on sale now at www.removeroadblockstraralgon.eventbrite.com.au.

Leah Mether is a communications consultant, trainer, speaker and author who specialises in teaching people how to improve their communication skills and step up for success.