“Great books on effective communication are rare! But Soft is the New Hard by Leah Mether does the genre justice… Detailed and practical – it has the right balance between theory and application. This book is a masterclass and a coach rolled into one.”

Thank you Suman Kher for your wonderful and comprehensive review, and for making my book the first in your #sumanrecommends series for 2021!

You can check out Suman’s full review here https://sumankher.com/2021/01/07/book-review-soft-skills/

What was your first read of 2021?

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Leah Mether helps people get out of their own way with the development of soft skills (which are really hard). She is a speaker, trainer, facilitator, mentor and author of the book Soft is the New Hard: How to Communicate Effectively Under Pressure.