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Catch people doing the right thing and tell them

One of the most important interruptions you can make in a staff member’s day when you’re a leader is to catch them doing the right thing and then praise them for it – as specifically as possible. Reinforcing positive behaviour is an often overlooked yet powerful leadership strategy, particularly at times of high stress and […]

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How to effectively deliver bad news

Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news; however, it is essential that it’s done if a business is to operate effectively. Here are some tips on how best to approach these situations.

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4 steps on how to better communicate during uncertainty

We’ve all heard the saying “no news is good news” but often, particularly at times of uncertainty when you know change is brewing, this is not the case. In fact, not only is no news not good news, frequently, it is even WORSE than bad news, because it adds to uncertainty and anxiety.

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Why leaders need to praise the positive to retain staff

The way you used empathy to help that customer de-escalate was really impressive. Despite it being stressful today, you took the time to listen and build rapport, while also maintaining boundaries about how they could speak to you. Well done. That’s exactly the sort of customer service I want to see.

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