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Replace 'but' with 'and'

What happens in your head when you hear the word BUT? For many of us, 'but' cancels everything that was said before it. When someone says 'Yes, but...' after we've made a suggestion, we hear 'no' or feel like the other person is ignoring or diminishing what we said. If your boss intends to be […]

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How to communicate at Christmas after a year from hell

Communication at Christmas can be fraught at the best of times. But this year, after the cluster-f…storm that has been 2020, the potential for conflict is higher than usual, with many people stumbling towards the finish line exhausted, traumatised, and polarised in their opinions. Tolerance levels are low, tempers short, stress levels high, and patience […]

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Leah Mether is a  communication and soft skills trainer obsessed with making the people part of leadership and work life easier.
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