There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to communication. No one way of doing things or rulebook to say: ‘If you always communicate this way, using this style and saying these words, you will have success’.

It doesn’t work like that. Why? Because no one thinks like you. No one. Even people you’re aligned with and get along with well don’t have the exact same thought process as you.

Different people have different communication styles, preferences, backgrounds, life experiences, and truths that have shaped the person they are today.

That’s why consideration is key.

To communicate effectively with any person in any given situation, you must consider the best way to go about it and tailor your response to suit.

It’s not about pandering to other people, being inauthentic or fake. It’s about recognising that different strokes work for different folks, and your job is to consider what will work best in each individual case.

First and foremost, you must consider:

● The outcome you want to achieve through communication (rather than the problem you face).

● How to tailor your communication to give yourself the best chance of achieving that outcome (while understanding the ultimate result is usually out of your control).

What considerations do you make before communicating?

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