Telling a journalist they should run your story because you advertise with their newspaper/radio station/TV station is NOT the way to get your story run.

In fact, all you’ll likely do is get the journalists off-side.

Journalists (for the most part) pride themselves on their editorial independence and are fiercely protective of upholding the integrity of the news they produce.

They will not be bullied into running blatant promotional pieces with no story or news value.

Editorial is very different to advertorial.

Advertorial = A paid article/story, clearly marked as paid, that accompanies an advertisement. Businesses can write what they want in these pieces and the stories don’t have to have news value.

Editorial = An article/story deemed to have enough news value or public interest by the editorial team (journalists, sub-editor, editor) to be run in the news section/bulletin. It is there on merit.

To get your story run in the news section of a paper, or in a news bulletin on TV or radio, a story must have news value. Not in your opinion, but in the editorial team’s opinion.

The best thing you can do to give your piece a chance of making the news is to ensure you present the strongest story you can.

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Leah Mether is a former newspaper journalist who now works as a communications consultant, trainer, and speaker with her own business, Methmac Communications.

Leah provides media training to organisations, businesses, community groups, and individuals. To find out more, contact Leah on 0409 938 277 or email