Today I was rejected.

I’d applied for an emerging writers mentorship for my novel and this afternoon I received an email saying my application was unsuccessful.


I had hoped a mentorship would get my novel back on track. It has been pushed aside for the last year while I’ve focussed on building my business.

I’m disappointed.

I worked hard on my application and wanted it to succeed.

But it’s not the end of the world. Rejection and failure are part of life.

Failure’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s awesome. Disappointing, yes – that means you cared. It’s meant to hurt. But it’s not bad. Not embarrassing. Not something to be ashamed of.

Failure means you tried. You put yourself out there and had a go. It’s only failure if you don’t try in the first place, or don’t learn from the experience.

So I’ll learn. I’ll keep working on my manuscript in the slivers of time I carve out, and I’ll make it better. I’ll get it to a point where I’m happy to send it off to publishers. And if I get rejected then, big deal. I’ll keep trying. I’ll keep pushing. I’ll keep improving.

The most successful people in life fail over and over again, and that’s why they succeed.

Persistence and perseverance win. And so will I.



Leah Mether is a communications specialist, writer, trainer, and speaker with her own business, Methmac Communications. She is a former print news journalist and corporate communications manager who writes fiction as a hobby.