When I started my business six years ago, the aim was for it to be a stop-gap between corporate jobs while I focussed on being a mum.

I had three children in 3.5 years and while I knew I wanted to stay home with them while they were little, I was worried about having a big gap on my resume.

Starting my own business when my youngest was 10 months old was the solution. I would take a few consulting jobs here and there around my husband’s shifts and that way I could keep my skills and experience up-to-date.

For the first four years, that’s what I did – took short-term and project work when it came up.

Two years ago, that changed when I decided to have a more serious crack at this business caper to see if I could make it my long-term future. I added speaking and training to my mix of services and things flourished.

Recently, I found myself at a crossroads. I was at capacity and knocking back some great opportunities, simply because I didn’t have the time to take them on.

I had a choice – I either had to pull things back to a more manageable level to reduce the risk of burnout, or I could lean in further and take the next big step.

I’ve always been an ‘all-in’ kind of girl. 

And so, it is with great excitement I let you know Methmac Communications has made the transition from a sole-trader business to a company.

I now have two casual employees to handle my administration and free me up to focus on the communication and speaking work I love.

It’s so exciting and I can’t wait to see where this ride will go.

Leah Mether

Managing Director

Methmac Communications