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Why a program?

While it is not uncommon for individuals to experience significant 'lightbulb' moments in Leah's one-off training sessions that lead to immediate improvements to the way they communicate, lead and self-manage, if it's 'lights on' behavioural change that you're after, providing the support that scaffolds success is key.
Leah's programs incorporate a mix of training, facilitation, and group reflection over a number of sessions to embed learnings.
This repetition reaps rewards and the risk of reverting decreases with each program session as participants discard destructive habits and create new foundations.

Are you confused about which program or workshop would work best for your organisation? 

To find out more and see if your team is a good fit to work with Leah, contact Melanie Allsop, Business & Relationship Manager at or phone 1300 532 461. 

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