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Hit The Mark Communications Essentials Program

Communication is complex. It is so much more than the words we speak and underpins the success of individuals, relationships and high performing teams.

That’s why the Hit The Mark Communication Essentials Program is designed covers all angles – verbal, non-verbal, and written communication; plus mindset; behaviour; emotional intelligence; and more!

For individuals and teams who are determined to:

  • Grow and improve their communication, self-management and teamwork.
  • Approach their development with curiosity, not defensiveness. 
  • Do the work required to get out of their own way and step up for success.

Put their learnings into practice because effort equals outcomes.

Outcomes participants can expect to achieve from the program include:

  • Improved verbal and written communication skills.
  • Increased self-awareness of, and personal responsibility for, their own communication style.
  • Increased emotional intelligence and capacity to self-manage under pressure.
  • The confidence to speak up, deliver feedback, defuse conflict and have difficult conversations.
  • Greater ability to work as part of a team and relate to people who have different personalities, communication styles, beliefs, and opinions.


Program features include:

  • 2 x full-day group training workshops
  • 1 x half-day group training workshop
  • 1 x half-day facilitated team development or group accelerator
  • Leah’s acclaimed book Soft is the New Hard: How to Communicate Effectively Under Pressure for all participants.
  • Practical strategies that can be implemented immediately. 
  • A program workbook packed with self-reflection prompts.

Content is targeted to your industry, with examples and scenarios that are real, relatable and relevant to your organisation.


Workshop Overviews


Effective Communication for Personal and Team Success

Make the ‘people part’ of work life easier. Learn how to communicate in a way that connects, better manage yourself and your emotions, have difficult conversations, and build relationships of trust within a team.

Write it Right: Report and email writing for business

Get your words working for you. Learn how to write clear, concise reports and emails that communicate effectively, influence action, inform decision making and highlight your competency.

Half-day facilitated team development or group accelerator 

Establish shared expectations for communication and behaviour within your team and/or embed learnings from the training sessions through reflection, discussion, and group Q&A.

Your choice of two half-day workshops:

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Working with others often results in the best and most innovative outcomes. But it’s also hard, particularly when different motivations, drivers and priorities are at play. Learn how to collaborate effectively and develop a framework for group decision making.

Attention Please: How to deliver engaging presentations

Want to be able to capture and hold your audience’s attention when you speak? Learn how to make public speaking less daunting and your presentations more engaging.

Networking: How to build relationships of influence

Learn how to network with confidence, build relationships of influence, and capitalise on the connections you have.

Feedback is Not a Dirty Word

Drop the defensiveness and learn how to give and receive feedback with curiosity and positive intent.

Body Language: Communication without words

The body never lies. Learn about the range of non-verbal behaviours that make up body language and how to match them to the message you want to convey.

Program FAQs

How does investing in the Communication Essentials Program deliver more value than a one-off training session?
While it’s not uncommon for individuals to experience significant ‘lightbulb’ moments in my one-off training sessions that lead to immediate improvements to the way they communicate, if it’s ‘lights on’ behavioural change that you’re after, the Communication Essentials Program provides support that scaffolds success and accountability that accelerates outcomes.
Our people know how to communicate. Why is developing our skills further and learning how to communicate more effectively a smart business move?
Improving your communication is a process, not an end result. It doesn't matter whether you're the CEO or a new starter, an executive or first-time leader - no one is a perfect communicator, everyone can improve.

Winging it might work in low pressure situations but when the pressure is on, the cracks or deficiencies in your communication are highlighted.

Poor communication is high cost for an organisation. It lead to poor performance and culture, behavioural issues, conflict, high staff turnover, HR complaints, and sick leave.
Regardless of your position, skill level, or industry, if you want to step up, get the best out of your team, and build a thriving workplace culture, you must continually develop your communication skills.
Can ‘soft skills’ like communication really be taught?
Yes! Communication is a learned skill. It’s not fixed or innate. Anyone can improve and develop their communication skills, no matter what their starting point, as long as they are willing to learn and willing to do the work.
Our people don't do 'fluffy'. How will your training engage those who have never done training like this before and are sceptical about the importance of soft skills like communication?
Good, I don't do fluffy either and my favourite people to work with are those who have never trained in the soft skills space before.

Why? Because my plain-speak approach and practical strategies resonate with them.
I make communication real life for real people. The biggest sceptics often turn into my biggest fans as they discover solutions to their relationship problems.
We've got some serious people problems in our organisation/team. How will your training break through the personality clashes and change behaviour?
People problems and personality clashes are normal - it's how you work through them that sets organisations and teams apart.

In my training, I create an environment of trust and shared accountability. I help participants get curious not furious about their challenges and start with self-reflection and personal responsibility, rather than finger-pointing and blame. This inside-out approach powerfully switches the focus from others to self, and creates a platform for defusing conflict and communicating in a more productive, respectful and solution-focussed way.
Why you? We've invested in trainers before but nothing has changed. Why is your approach going to cut through and get results?
I'm not like most other trainers. I'm not interested in teaching flash-in-the-pan theories that lead to minimal or no change. I shift people from knowing to doing; delivering immediate, tangible, and long-lasting results.

Improving communication is an 'inside-out job'; it starts with you. So that's where I start too, with a focus on personal responsibility and self-management, before turning outwards to look at how you can best relate with, lead, and communicate with others.
Using my trademarked model, The Five Cs by Leah Mether®, I teach a proven, step-by-step process that underpins communication and lays the foundations for success.

What kind of guarantee can you give us to make our decision to work with you a no-brainer?

Satisfaction Guarantee

Easy! If for any reason you feel my training is not of the calibre you expect, contact me within 48 hours after the first session, and I will refund your money (less costs). I am absolutely committed to delivering exceptional service and accept nothing less.


To find out more and see if your team is a good fit to work with Leah, contact Melanie Allsop, Business & Relationship Manager at or phone 1300 532 461. 

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