If ever there’s a time we need the skills to communicate under pressure, have difficult conversations, and manage ourselves at times of stress – it’s now.

It’s the so-called ‘soft skills’ – the people bit – that will get us through.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll share tips to help you manage you and communicate with others during this crazy time.

I am also now offering my services both face-to-face (for the time being) and online.

Coaching, mentoring and live online group training can be delivered effectively via the Zoom video platform, complete with my enthusiastic hand gestures!

I am also opening bookings for emergency support to help leaders through the challenges they face and will continue to face for the months ahead.

There are some very hard conversations to be had and I’m here to help.

For my existing clients, I have set up a free hotline using the Voxer app, so you can ask me a quick question via voice recording or text in seconds.

Times are tough, but support is available. We will get through this together.

Take care and be kind – to yourself and others.

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Leah Mether helps people get out of their own way with the development of soft skills (which are really hard). She is a speaker, trainer, facilitator and mentor.