Women in regional Australia are being urged to sharpen their spades and cut through the ‘grass ceiling’ by Traralgon leadership coach and mentor, Maree McPherson.

Maree, who runs Maree McPherson Consulting, has added ‘author’ to her list of credits after publishing a book set to empower regional women to move from stuck to soaring.

She launched ‘Cutting Through the Grass Ceiling: Women creating possibility in regional Australia’ in Traralgon this month.

Maree said she was thrilled to see her book in print and described it as a practical tool to help regional women shift their mindset, overcome fear, and create possibility in their lives.

“My passion is to help younger women in regional Australia step out onto the manicured lawn in their careers,” she said.

“I want girls in regional schools and women in regional areas to know they have choices.

“I want them to understand how a growth mindset can impact beyond the classroom and affect the choices they make throughout their lives.”

According to Maree, the “compelling reason” to lift girls’ aspirations is to help them enjoy greater financial independence and overall improved health, while also boosting regional economies.

“We know that regional economies prosper when women work,” she said.

“Women’s participation in the labour market adds value and keeps regional areas economically stable. That’s why it’s vital women cut through the challenges, fears and biases that may hold them back.”

In the book, Maree details her own efforts to cut through the grass ceiling in Gippsland, explains powerful learning models, and provides practical exercises for readers to undertake.

She also features the case studies of eight regional women – six who hail from Latrobe City and Baw Baw Shire, including Director of Methmac Communications Leah Mether, Jenny Hammett, Lynda Bertoli, Melissa Hammond, Angela Betheras and Kate Mether.

“I am really proud of this book and hope it gives regional women the tools to start cutting through,” Maree said.

“If I can do it, they can too.”

Copies of Maree’s book are available to purchase online at www.mareemcpherson.com.au.


Methmac Communications has been proud to collaborate with Maree McPherson Consulting to deliver a number of workshops that encourage regional women to cut through the grass ceiling and step up for success.

Director Leah Mether is thrilled to be included in Maree’s book and thanks her for her contribution to women’s development, empowerment and excellence.