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Steer Through The Storm

How to Communicate and Lead Courageously Through Change

Change is challenging and uncertainty is unnerving. 

Everyone responds differently and emotions and anxieties run high.

If we don’t invest time dealing with the feelings of our people (and ourselves) during change, it costs us dearly through low productivity, disagreements and disengagement.

This workshop is not about leading or managing change itself, it’s about leading people THROUGH change that is happening whether you like it or not.

Learn how to steer your people through the storm in this workshop with Leah Mether

This workshop will help you:

  • Understand and implement the foundations of leading through change (Leah’s trademarked Five Cs® of Leading Courageously Through Change).
  • Create clarity in uncertain times.
  • Unite your team behind a shared purpose.
  • Build trust when scepticism is high.
  • Listen to and empathise with your people while challenging them to take ownership of their response to uncertainty and change.

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