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When the ‘people bit’ is the toughest part of your job, you need a communication specialist who makes it easier.


One who understands that soft skills get hard results, and it takes courage, not confidence to succeed.

With more than 15 years’ experience working with thousands of clients, and an acclaimed book to her name, Leah knows what it takes to communicate under pressure. Like you, she knows the challenge of conflict, personality clashes, and difficult conversations.

Winging it in communication simply won’t cut it and avoidance only makes problems grow. There is a structure that works, and it starts with you.

Leah is renowned for her practical, engaging, straight-shooting style. Utilising her Five Cs® model of communication, she helps leaders and teams shift from knowing to doing, and radically improve their effectiveness.

Her clients represent a diverse range of industries, government agencies, and businesses across Australia – including AGL, Optus, Latrobe Community Health Services, and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

As a proud Gippslandian based in regional Victoria, Leah has a soft-spot for local organisations.

Leah is not like other trainers. She's not interested in teaching flash-in-the-pan tips that lead to minimal or no change. She's focused on delivering immediate, tangible, and long-lasting results.

Leah brings experience, practicality and process to her clients, to deliver training that is real world, relatable to your people and relevant to your organisation.

Melanie Allsop

Business & Relationship Manager

Efriel Cabando

Administration Assistant

A Values Driven Approach

Leah’s work is underpinned by six core values.
Click on each value below to learn more.

Have a crack - Leah Mether Values
Have a crack - Leah Mether Values
Have a crack - Leah Mether Values
Have a crack - Leah Mether Values
Have a crack - Leah Mether Values
Have a crack - Leah Mether Values

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