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Soft is the New Hard

Don’t let the name ‘soft skills’ fool you; soft skills are not easy.

Skills like communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, influence, adaptability, and self-management: They’re not ‘fluffy extras’, they’re what makes someone good to work with, not simply good at what they do – regardless of industry, job, or organisation.

In fact, soft skills are often more impactful on your success than ‘hard’ job-specific technical skills that require years of formal study or work experience. They’re also more difficult to master.

After many years skewed towards hard skills, there is now a worldwide awakening to the value of soft skills. Why? Because they are hard to outsource and automate.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • Why soft skills are the new hard – and why the term ‘soft’ is a misnomer.
  • How improving your soft skills will supercharge your performance and productivity.
  • The importance of investing in developing the soft skills of you and your team.
  • Where to start. How to identify the skills you need to develop.

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