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Feedback is not a dirty word: Eight steps to receiving feedback well as a leader

As a leader, receiving feedback can be challenging, even when it’s constructive. It’s natural to feel defensive or uncomfortable when faced with what you perceive to be criticism. But, as a leader, your ability to not only accept but truly welcome and learn from feedback is vital for your personal growth, team dynamics, and organisational […]

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EQ is the new IQ

Feelings and emotions underpin everything that we do. They drive human behaviour – our choices, decisions, performance and actions. We ignore them at our peril. American academic and author Brené Brown nailed it in her bestselling book Dare to Lead when she wrote: “Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears […]

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Behaviour is more important to manage than performance

Behaviour is more important to manage than performance. Or rather, behaviour is a core component of performance. Yet far too often, leaders let poor behaviour go unchecked because someone is considered a ‘good operator’. Nothing kills culture quicker than poor behaviour, particularly if it is excused and not addressed. It doesn’t matter if that person […]

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