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Steer Through the Storm programs

How to communicate and lead courageously through change

In today’s fast-paced and uncertain world, change seems to be accelerating on a global scale.

Industries are transitioning, corporations are restructuring, cost pressures are increasing, and the climate is volatile.

It’s a tough time for everyone, particularly leaders as they try to keep their people engaged while implementing changes they can’t control and may not even agree with.

Many people are anxious, confused, distracted, and resistant as they grapple with uncertainty.

No matter your role - CEO, executive, middle manager or team leader - if there’s change happening in your organisation that affects your people, you have a role to play in steering them through the storm.

Yet many leaders find themselves responsible for implementing change without ever being taught the foundations of HOW to support and lead people THROUGH change.

If you’re a leader challenged with navigating the rough seas of change, Leah Mether’s Steer Through the Storm training programs and workshops are your beacon.

Leading through change requires warmth and strength

Leading through change is about people and to do it well you have to use your people skills. More heart, less head. 

It takes courage and requires human-centred leadership that balances warmth and empathy with strength and accountability. It’s not about dictating the change or managing the processes. It’s about guiding your people in a way that makes them want to follow.

Why does it matter? 

Because people drive performance and if you fail to address their fears and concerns during change, they will likely drive problems instead, costing you time, money and productivity through poor behaviour, conflict, disagreements, distraction, increased stress leave and resignations. 

Dealing with the feelings and emotions of your people isn’t optional if you want the change you’re implementing to succeed while also achieving your business goals. 


Learn a new approach to communication and leadership through change that will help you deal with the feelings of your people, improve performance, and get better results.

Leah’s Steer Through the Storm training will help you:

Lead yourself and others through challenge and change.
Improve your emotional intelligence.
Build trust and connection when uncertainty is high.
Support your people while holding them accountable for performance and behaviour.
Minimise resistance and defuse conflict.
Communicate with clarity and Steer your team towards acceptance.

Each program is underpinned by Leah’s IP and targeted to your industry with content and scenarios that are real, relatable and relevant to your organisation.

Exclusively for leaders who are:

  • Navigating uncertainty or change in the workplace.
  • Leading a team directly or informally.
  • Responsible for implementing change, regardless of whether they instigated it, can control it, or like it.
  • Committed to being a leader in practice, not just in title.
  • Willing to learn and do the work because effort equals outcomes.
  • Open to honest self-reflection and prepared to approach their development with curiosity, not defensiveness.

Programs at a glance

TRAIN - Steer Through the Storm Intensive program

Program features include:

2 x full-day workshops (delivered on consecutive days or a maximum of two weeks apart)

  • Workshop 1 – Leading self
    • Managing Me: Self-leadership through uncertainty, challenge and change
  • Workshop 2 – Leading others
    • Dealing with the Feeling: Leading others through uncertainty, challenge and change

1 x 90-minute online accelerator

  • Steer Through the Storm Accelerator to embed the learnings

Loom videos and accountability emails

  • Pre-program welcome video
  • Post-program accountability video
  • Post-program personalised accountability email for each participant
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TRANSFORM - Steer Through the Storm Immersive program

Support scaffolds success, that’s why the Steer Through the Storm Immersive Program features regular touchpoints over a six month period.
Program features include:
3 x full-day workshops
  • Workshop 1 – Leading self
    • Managing Me: Self-leadership through uncertainty, challenge and change
  • Workshop 2 – Leading others
    • Dealing with the Feeling: Leading others through uncertainty, challenge and change
  • Workshop 3 – Leading together
    • Steer Through the Storm Integration: Bringing it together to align your leaders and apply learnings to your change context.
3 x 90-minute online accelerators
  • Held between workshops to embed the learnings
Loom videos and accountability emails
  • Pre-program welcome video
  • Post program accountability video
  • Post program personalised accountability email for each participant
Emergency support
  • Emergency 15-minute SOS calls.

Emotional intelligence assessment, personalised report and 1:1 debrief
  • Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) - an abilities-based test for emotional intelligence, much like an IQ test for EQ. Completed online in a participant’s own time.
  • Comprehensive personalised report for each leader based on their results.
  • 90-minute 1:1 debrief coaching session with each participant to unpack their MSCEIT results and report with a certified practitioner (either Leah Mether or her colleagues Melanie Allsop or Maree McPherson). Delivered online or in person.

Elective Masterclasses

Full-day implementation masterclasses for the ultimate application of Leah’s Steer Through the Storm model to your change environment.
*Only available to leaders who have completed the Steer Through the Storm Intensive or Immersive programs.


Work with Leah to develop change messaging that provides clarity to yourself and your people.


Work with Leah to identify how to connect with your people about your change and get curious about their feedback and response.


 Work with Leah to develop strategies to hold your people accountable for their performance and behaviour as you navigate your change.


 Work with Leah to make time to meet with your staff and develop a plan for coaching conversations in your change context.


 Work with Leah to identify how you can keep banging the drum of your change message in new and varied ways and lead your people towards acceptance.


What people say

  • “Leah helped me develop the skills to effectively lead a team during rapid growth in the middle of a global pandemic. I cannot recommend Leah enough!”

    – Melissa Horne, Residential Service Delivery Manager
    Aussie Broadband
  • Leah's program was a welcomed eye-opener for me in my supervisory and leadership role. The tools within the training will prove to be invaluable to me, my managers and staff (by extension) as I continue through my career. Many thanks Leah.

    — Andy Drohan
    Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Steer through the storm: The book


Leah’s programs are underpinned by the IP from her acclaimed book, Steer Through the Storm: How to Communicate and Lead Courageously Through Change.

All participants will receive a signed paperback copy as part of their program.

What kind of guarantee can you give us to make our decision to work with you a no-brainer?

Satisfaction Guarantee

Easy! If for any reason you feel my training is not of the calibre you expect, contact me within 48 hours after the first session, and I will refund your money (less costs). I am absolutely committed to delivering exceptional service and accept nothing less.

BOOK a discovery call to enquire about the Steer Through the Storm Program

To find out more and see if your team is a good fit to work with Leah, contact Melanie Allsop, Business & Relationship Manager at or phone 1300 532 461. 

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