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Soft is the New Hard

Effective Communication for Leadership Success


Why does no-one tell you the ‘people bit’ of leadership is the hardest part?

Whether it’s delivering feedback, managing performance and personalities, inspiring action, or driving your team towards a positive culture; the challenge is very real.

If you’re frustrated by people problems in your team, or feel like your message isn’t being heard, this workshop is for you.

Learn how to radically improve your leadership effectiveness with a step-by-step process that underpins communication and lays the foundations for success.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The foundations that underpin effective communication (Leah’s trademarked Five Cs® model).
  • Self-awareness of your own communication style and how it may be helping or hindering your success.
  • How to manage your mindset and emotions under pressure and stress.
  • How to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients who have a different communication style and/or personality to you.
  • Why a culture of collaboration and cooperation will help you succeed.

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To find out more and see if your team is a good fit to work with Leah, contact Melanie Allsop, Business & Relationship Manager at or phone 1300 532 461. 

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