Want to improve your organisation’s culture?

The answer is not simply plastering glossy posters of your vision, mission and values around the office.

Sorry to disappoint.

While that might be easy, on its own it’s also ineffective.

To make real change to an organisation’s culture and get buy-in to your business values, it starts with you – the leader.

Culture is what you do, not what you say.

Values are what you live, not words from your mouth or written on a poster.

Unfortunately, there’s often a mismatch between the two: Leaders say one thing, then do the opposite themselves.

It’s probably the most frequent feedback I get in my corporate effective communication workshops.

“My manager says they value honesty, but then they’re not open to hearing feedback and get defensive if I even ask a question.”

“My leader wants us to behave with respect, but then they shut down questions and don’t even consider what staff have to say.”

“My boss says communication is key to our success, but doesn’t communicate with us, except through email. She doesn’t even say hello if we pass her in the corridor.”

Often leaders have arranged communication training for their staff, but don’t attend themselves. The overwhelming feedback from staff is, they need to be there too.

If you want to change your organisation’s culture, you must start with changing your own behaviour.

If you want your team to live by the organisation’s values, make sure you’re living them yourself.

It starts with you.

Yes, this takes longer than printing off some nice posters, but it’s also more effective.

Leah Mether is a communications specialist, trainer, author, speaker and Director of Methmac Communications. To find out more visit www.methmac.com.au.