When you receive a gift for a birthday, wedding, birth or engagement, do you say thank you?

It’s amazing how many people don’t.

In a time when technology allows us to shoot off a message via text of social media in a few quick keystrokes, there’s really no excuse for this lack of basic manners.

And it’s noticed. Oh boy, is it noticed.

Aside from the lack of acknowledgement being rude, it also often leads to the gift-giver wondering if the recipient received the present at all.


Yes, we’re all busy; yes, times have changed; but yes, this stuff is still important.

Good manners and basic gratitude never go out of style.

So next time you receive a gift, make sure you say thanks – by whatever means you prefer.

Leave a voice message, post a thank you note in the mail, send a text, or even post to a person’s Facebook page.

Just make sure you do it.

While the mode of communication may have changed, the message has not.

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