Life as a working mum is a juggle. Sometimes I manage to keep all the balls in the air; other times, something drops.I try not to beat myself up when that happens – it’s normal for one part of life to take more focus and energy than another at different times.

That’s why I subscribe to the “balance is bullshit” mantra.

Things will never be balanced perfectly time-wise across kids, business, friends, family and my relationship; and expecting them to be is simply unrealistic.

Putting this kind of pressure on ourselves only leads to feelings of guilt and failure.

Striving to have some of everything in life – work, family, love, adventure, or whatever it is for you – is important, but feeling the weight of expectation to have everything in perfect alignment all the time, at the same time, is not.

Let yourself off the hook. If a ball drops for a while, it’s not the end of the world. Leave it where it is until you’re ready to add it back into the mix, or simply pick it up and keep right on juggling.

Photo credit: Colour of Life Photography

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