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Five traps that add to your stress

Are you heading towards burnout in what has been a crazy, high-stress year? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are skating dangerously close to the edge and barely hanging on as they limp towards Christmas. But while a lot has been totally outside our control in 2020, have you stopped to think about the […]

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Watch your words

The words we tell ourselves have the power to influence how we feel. I was reminded of this last week when, in a morning of frustration, I caught myself muttering over and over, "I hate remote learning." You see, I have three primary school-aged boys at home at the moment and although my husband is […]

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What balls can you put down?

For yourself, your team, your organisation, your family? Not drop but consciously and deliberately put down. This is a question for everyone but particularly leaders. I have had conversations with people from a wide range of organisations over the last couple of weeks as the situation in Victoria has grown direr. The feedback has been […]

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