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Think before you post

The impact offensive social media comments can have on your real life was highlighted by two Australian cases yesterday. First, racist posts from a WA Liberal candidate from EIGHT YEARS AGO when he was aged 25 surfaced and prompted calls for him to be sacked.

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The perils of passive aggressive

We all know them, you may even be one of them: The people whose go-to communication style is passive aggressive. The people who say yes when they want to say no; who give backhanded compliments, or are sarcastic and critical about others behind their backs, but won’t say anything to the person’s face. People who […]

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I’m sorry, I was wrong.

‘I was wrong’ and ‘I’m sorry’ are two of the most powerful phrases in your vocabulary. Admitting your errors and apologising for poor behaviour is not always easy. It involves humility, self-awareness, resilience and strength. But putting your hand up and acknowledging your mistakes goes a long way to building trust in relationships and demonstrating […]

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