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Don’t look back in anger

Last week I gave advice to a client ahead of a difficult conversation at work. She was worried she was going to get angry, or maybe even cry in the face of confrontation and negative feedback. She was also concerned she would let herself down by not being able to communicate her point clearly under […]

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Don’t Shoot the Messenger

What do you do when someone gives you feedback you don’t like? When they criticise or disagree with your behaviour, actions, or words? Do your hackles rise? Does your back straighten? Is your immediate response to their offence, defence? Do you shoot the messenger? Very few people enjoy receiving negative or ‘constructive’ feedback. Even when […]

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Put a pause between your reaction and your response

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when dealing with conflict, or to become emotional when having difficult conversations; but while this is perfectly normal, it can impact your ability to effectively communicate your point of view.

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Leah Mether is a  communication and soft skills trainer obsessed with making the people part of leadership and work life easier.
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