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The case for curiosity

What sort of mindset do you have – closed or curious? In these ever-changing times, we are being continually challenged to consider new ideas, information, and ways of working.  Adopting a curious mindset is key to unlocking effective communication, personal growth and leadership under this pressure. It’s one of the most important ‘soft’ or ‘human’ […]

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Levels of consensus for group decision making success

Gavin was frustrated. The project team had been going around in circles on a crucial decision for more than 40 minutes without getting anywhere. “Righto,” said Gavin, cutting off his colleague who was speaking about her concerns for at least the third time. “It’s time to put this to a vote: Are we going ahead […]

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Replace ‘but’ with ‘and’

What happens in your head when you hear the word BUT? For many of us, ‘but’ cancels everything that was said before it. When someone says ‘Yes, but…’ after we’ve made a suggestion, we hear ‘no’ or feel like the other person is ignoring or diminishing what we said. If your boss intends to be […]

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